Staying Open for Art

Opportunities July 2016


Staying Open for Art 

Firstly, we have an HQ at The Oracle, the old Waterstones unit which is huge, and we have this space until August 11th. We are putting together a plan to keep this open as much as possible. We want to run a number of events, workshops, test new works, reinvent the space where possible over the 5 weeks. We would love you to submit a proposal if you want to be involved asap so we can create a rolling programme or even if you can volunteer to man the space. Fine details are yet to be worked out but tell us what you think or would like to do and let’s see if we can keep the creativity rolling between us.

Studio spaces

Secondly, we are also returning to Jacksons, to our studio spaces and are looking for artists that would like to have a space for 6 months in this interesting and unique building. The spaces are fully inclusive of all bills and cost £100 per calendar month. There’s 24-hour access and there are many other perks too such as being involved in the studio meets, free life drawing sessions.

There are limited spaces though so if you would like to be involved please get in touch asap – the spaces are available from now until the beginning of 2017.

All art practices considered however we don’t have the ability to have specialist phased electrics as this is an old building and is for temporary use only.

If you’d like a studio space, just send a few words back about your art practice, why you’d like to be involved and images of your current work to suzanne

A Conversation Space

A space to try out new ideas, every other week a new artist will be resident, making work, testing out and developing their ideas.  On the Saturday of the week the doors will be open from 11am until 3pm for the public to come in and find out more.  Then the space residents will change and A Conversation Space will become home to a new project.


A Conversation Space is for artists, makers, thinkers and creators to use the space for a one-week period at a time. You would have access to the space from Monday 10am until the following Sunday midday.

As part of the agreement, you would need to be open to the public from 11am until 3pm on the Saturday but other than that you are free to open and shut as you wish.

We would love to see proposals that include just using the space to make your own work, to develop ideas, to engage with the public and the application process is a rolling programme.

Please send a proposal of no more than 500 words plus images to suzanne with your preferred date. Please note that the space is unfunded so we are asking all accepted artists to pay a contribution fee of £35 for the week to cover costs

jelly, The Uniform Department, Jacksons, 1-9 King Street, Reading





Current artists at the jelly studios:

Jim Attewell, Emma Bradbury, Holly Buckle, Sara Davies, Katie Herriot, Peter Lang, Graeme Littleboy, Kate Powell, Sian Preston, Julie Simmonds, Suzanne Stallard, Martin Stubbington,  Alexandra Vintage, Mark Andrew Webber and The Engine Room.

Associate artists:

Salvo Toscano, The Voice Studio, Jo Quinn