Very Animated

Very Animated

LudwigMagpieIf you have a story or an idea for a film, animation may be the ideal medium. Want to refresh your website with an animated GIF? Bring your ideas and we’ll see if they can be realised.

Run by Peter Lang, an animator, who over the last 40 odd (“most odd”) years has written, designed and animated films for children’s TV (BBC, ITV and Channel 4), starting from “Vision On” via “Ludwig”, “Pigeon Street”, “Sesame Street”, “Rub a Dub Dub”, “Doris”, “Rosie and Jim”, “Bonny, Banana and Mo”, “Tronji” and “DipDap” to literally thousands of educational shorts, music videos and commercials.

A regular meeting every other Thursday to share our passion for anything animated, Jacksons Department Store, main entrance, ring the Jelly doorbell. Check Eventbrite for dates.Stop-motion or digital, 2D or 3D, poignant or silly. We will set up a basic animation stand and explore animation software. We will build 2D and 3D actors. We will watch our favourite videos, make animated experiments and discover more about the art of making the inanimate come to life.

Check for dates or book tickets via Eventbrite or just turn up:

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