Capturing Hidden Reading

proc_20160123_walkingwords-holybrook_0006_0004 (1)Mark O’Neill photographs under the streets of Reading. Jelly invited you to join him on a late night walk, following the trail of the Holy Brook. Sharing the places he knows so well, Mark encouraged you to see Reading in a different light.

The intrepid walkers brought cameras and smartphones and intrigued ears to hear all about the history of the only listed culvert in the world, the Holy Brook.

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Mark has documented the ancient water way, a small side stream from the River Kennet believed to have been dug to be used by Reading Abbey monks in medieval times to power two mills.

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You can find out more about Mark’s trips in to the Holy Brook here Digital Noise and the Holy Brook

Mark has also exhibited with Jelly during Open For Art 2015 and through Jelly was introduced to a project with Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra you can read about on his blog


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