Suzanne Stallard

Olive Snooks Daisy Gloves

Olive Snooks Daisy Gloves

Training background: Fine Art Degree, bit of a jack of all trades though and love working on collaboration. My Final Show for my degree was a film/photography installation thingymajig

Art Form: Painting, Photography, Drawing, Printing – in fact I love all mediums, it’s just the ideas that stay the same really – at the moment I have been designing and creating patterns for fictional characters – all knitted – don’t ask why!

What you do at jelly: I have the mad ideas, and work with other people a lot, find empty buildings, make things happen, cover workshops when needed, work on random things, run training and knit night, eat cake, clean the floor etc etc

What you like about jelly: having the opportunity to be creative, to be with creative people and see how the organisation has grown

How long you have been involved: since day 1

How come you became involved: I was involved in other groups such as Arnolfini Artists Group, St Werburghs Community Darkroom in Bristol, and moved back to Reading temporarily for family reasons on my way to London. I was exhibiting and had an agent and found myself caught in Reading for a while so thought I’d do something about it.

If you really want to you can read more about me here or I have a little place I hang out over here