the jelly family

jelly was started in December 1993 by Andrew Lord and Suzanne Stallard and over the team it has evolved, been influenced and changed as much by the other team members as by our visitors. Here you will find little bits about us, what we like and maybe some of the work we make in our own art practice.


Marje and Amy at The Affordable Art Fair


a short list of jellies:

suzanne stallard: andrew lord: emma thomas: dee allwright: pete dixon: justine holt: rebecca swainston: linda fraser: phil newcombe: alex taplin: emily smith: lindsey smith: marje doyle: emma bradbury: julie calce: zillah garner: jo quinn: michael volland: claire crofts: anne wilson: clare cranfield: hannah bedford: kerry lemon: sarah graham: charlotte hardy: alan stallard: fabia claris: morag scally: clare fisher: becky kennedy: sophie doyle: bonzi: martin stubbington: jodie dawes: manon gee-kaminski: amy reynolds: maxine doyle: ivy schneiderman: jeni roberts: emily o'brien: sophie fraser: sarah kench: josie binfield: kate hince: isla reynolds: sophie blinstrub: salvo toscano: tim hooper: jon cox: lucy clarke: lisa-marie gibbs: luisa garcia

we also have good friends we work with and share space with:

The Voice Studio, Sketchpad art classes, Triple-3 video, Alexandra Vintage

jelly is an energetic charity championing the creative arts. We have played a strategic role in Reading’s cultural life since 1993 – enabling art to appear in unexpected places and creating opportunities for people to look on and join in. We believe in the power of the arts to delight, intrigue, challenge and enrich, and we're committed to forming creative alliances and partnerships that encourage art and cultural life to flourish.

jelly’s charitable objectives are:• To promote the development of the arts and in particular the visual arts for the benefit of the local community by providing studio space and facilities for public exhibitions and by organising events which improve public access to the arts • To advance education by promoting understanding and learning about the creative processes involved in the visual arts

Core values of jellyIn its work and activities jelly maintains these values: • we are committed to supporting young and emerging artists and makers, providing them with exhibiting, selling and employment opportunities at an early stage of their careers, enabling them to develop professional skills and providing a stepping stone to further opportunities. • wherever possible, we will employ artists to work in the gallery and on jelly projects and provide them with appropriate training and professional development to enable them to develop a range of skills and a sustainable practice and to contribute to a sustainable local artistic economy • we aim to provide equal access to the programme, educational activities and employment opportunities • we are committed to promoting opportunities for learning in and through the arts through our artistic and educational programme • we value our relationships with artists who work at the gallery and whose work we show and sell. We believe it is important to give artists’ proposals serious consideration and to help artists sustain their economy as practitioners • we are committed to promoting Creative excellence through our own work, the work of artists we work with and our other creative partners

jelly is a Charity Limited by Guarantee no 1100730 Company Number 04623660, Registered in England & Wales