Aunt Elsie is coming on Saturday!

We are getting ready for Aunt Elsie’s Christmas do, hope you can join us this Saturday – we will be showing work by talented Reading artists and makers, you can come along and meet the artists, see the work and have a good time with us all. The "Do" will be at 29-31 Market Place, RG1 2DE starting at 10.30am. We will have a raffle, a competition to come dressed as Aunt Elsie and all the wonderful makers below, come along and join us, you know you will love it!

* Debbie Orr

Debbie sells artisan hand-dyed yarn perfect for Aunt Elsie’s favourite hobby of knitting, although she does occasionally enjoy a spot of crocheting for her anti-macassars and best doilies


* Lauren Denney

Graduating with BA (Hons) in 2002 from Staffordshire University, I design and produce a range of decorative and functional slip cast ceramic pieces from my Caversham studio, all of my work is for sale.

* Lisa-Marie Gibbs

 Patchwork Butterfly is lovingly run by myself Lisa-Marie Gibbs and marries two of my big obsessions, drawing and hand stitching which combine to make beautiful things to adorn you and your home.

Patchwork butterfly is inspired by the mundane, insane, gossip, beauty, love, life and all of the other stuff that surrounds us. So this somewhat makes the inspiration endless.

Everything I make starts with a line, that line can be a mono print, painting, or a beautiful line of hand stitching on a cushion.

* Louise Spiers
For many years Kitsch-en-Sync’s passion has been to transform vintage objects both worn & ordinary with various decorative techniques. Each piece becomes totally unique, reinvented by a paint finish, textile or paper découpage to create a functional form with eco friendly credentials. All pieces are individually hand picked or sourced to order by commission.

* Jules Hogan

Jules Hogan designs and makes a collection of fashion accessories, gifts and products for the home, using her re-conditioned
knitting machine.
Her inspirations include 1950’s colour palettes, geometrics and re-worked fairisles. The pieces include Cushions, Scarves,
Wrist- warmers and Hot-water bottles.

* Jo Quinn

Jo’s etchings are inspired by the aesthetics of everyday objects – snapshots of unseen kitchen corners and eclectic interiors.

Patterned papers are incorporated into the prints, adding a sense of vintage nostalgia to each picture, and making each one unique

* Anne Wilson

Anne has as MA in illustration from Central St Martins College of Art, London and has been practising as an illustrator for over 15 years. Much of her work in inspired by everyday life, pattern, colour and shape, She incorporates figurative elements, layers and textures, with mixed media, printmaking and computer techniques.

Her images are constructed in layers, rolling out backgrounds with printing inks, onto which she created more layers either by hand or digitally. Stencils, intricately cut and mono printed papers, collage, acrylic washes, painted details and drawing are all part of the process. Some of her images are created entirely in Photoshop, other are created entirely by hand.

* Alexandra Vintage
Alexandra Vintage will be taking part in ‘Aunt Elsie’s Christmas Do’ – a celebration of all things creative, beautiful and handmade – with their array of authentic vintage from the Alexandra Vintage ‘Wardrobe’ range showcasing authentic and original vintage clothing, jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Plus, Christmas gifts from the newly launched Alexandra Vintage ‘Washroom’ and ‘Home’ ranges, offering indulgent flavoured soaps, historic vintage cards and cute quirky cushions, all of which are vintage inspired and truly lovely.

In addition, the Alexandra Vintage Team will be offering a beautiful (and handy!) Christmas gift wrapping service, with a vintage twist, at just £1.50 per gift wrap.  


They’ll be lots of colourful, original and inspired vintage on offer so do come along and pay us a visit – we have a vintage something for everyone! 

· Susan Rimmer

My work is all about colour – I love colour! From the bright and vibrant to the subtle and muted.  Working in polymer gives me the flexibility to create wearable art in any shade I wish and to explore the effects of different shapes and textures. I have worked in polymer for 4 years designing jewellery and small sculptural pieces.

· Vikki Aust

Vikki Aust designs greeting cards for a top UK publisher and in her spare time she draws a lot and creates kOodles, quirky creatures made from reclaimed materials around which she builds fantastical stories.

The name kOodles came about when Vikki decided to bring her endless doodles to life by making them a bit more cuddly. The creatures themselves make for a tactile and accessible artform that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Vikki’s work can then take on a life of its own, with everyone attaching their own narrative to the character. By stitching together every comment overheard and every thought that springs to mind, she builds a surreal story around each creature.

Her knack for creating amusing characters and stories has recently led her to children’s illustration, where she is experimenting with a combination of tactile, 3-dimensional characters alongside both hand drawn and digital elements.

Vikki’s aim for her work is to make people smile, whether that is through a greeting card, a children’s book or a piece of soft sculpture.


· half&half

hand knitting combined with vintage fabrics – cushions, bags, brooches and more

· Bombella

· Lisa Cresswell


I am inspired every single day, my head hurts sometimes as there are so many ideas and my sketch books are full of potential waiting to come out. I am inspired by films, books, everyday life, paintings I see, people I meet, often things I make are inspired by one specific person. I have a collection of objects I find and my house is wheezing at the sides full with odd things that I love so I just get to look around sometimes and make something new. Random inspirations before have come from Mork (from Mork and Mindy), Johnny Rotten form the Sex Pistols, Joan of Arc, Bridget Riley, Pippi Longstocking and Johnny Depp ala Edward Scissorhands so an eclectic mix from an often mis-spent youth.

·Fyberspates Ltd

Fyberspates is a yarn company specialising in hand dyed yarns and fybers for spinning and felting. We love all sort of fyber-crafts and believe that knitting, spinning and felting are good for the soul!

How to choose yarn

We use all sorts of techniques to dye our yarns and fibres, but more often that not the skeins of yarn are hand painted with a brush to produce wonderful colours and patterns. Because each skein is hand painted we cannot guarantee exact consistency of colour between batches, within a batch the colours will be the same, but the patterns may differ a little, if you wish to knit or spin a large garment, it is wise to make sure you purchase yarn or fyber from the same batch, these batches cannot be repeated.

Care of your fyberspates yarn

All the dyes we use are non toxic, and wash fast, which means the colour will not fade, some yarns are absolutely fine for the machine, but please read the descriptions of the yarns for more information. Occasionally on the first wash you may have some excess dye come out in the yarn, this will NOT effect the resulting colour of the yarn, but we suggest the first wash is always done separately

·Tobermory and Bungo


Shawl pins and blocking wires


The venue will be open from 10.30-4.30 Saturday 26 November free to members of the public.

At 4.30 the venue will shut until 5.30 when it will re-open again to ticket holders only until 9pm

Tickets for the evening will be priced at £3 (available on the door) and will include a complimentary drink and nibbles, entertainment and free entry into the competition “come dressed as Aunt Elsie”

We will have music, it may be old school music but Aunt Elsie may be mixing the tunes and there is a special raffle.



A podcast from the streets of Reading

Last Thursday, which was a Third Thursday, we hosted an arty street party on Broad Street – this may have been one of my favourite Third Thursdays. It was a long day, with sunshine and art which was brought to an abrupt end by a heavy prolonged shower. There are many pictures to be added here but in the meantime, one of the artists taking part, Felicity Ford has made a podcast which includes quite a long piece on her views of the Third Thursday, Reading and a chat to some of the other artists taking part.

Picture (courtesy of Felicity Ford) of Felicity Ford

Grab yourself a cup of tea and listen to the sounds by clicking on the link The Felicity Ford Radio Show, pilot episode, Arty Street Party

To read more about Felicity’s work, visit her website