Peter Lang

Your name: Peter LangP141212


Training background: I went to Hornsey Art College, then fell in the deep end of children’s broadcast TV, learning to animate on the fly (or should I say swim?).

What you do at jelly: I make very animated paintings. I also run Animation Workshops for young kids and an Animation Club for adult kids. You can find out more here:

and book tickets here:

What you like about jelly: I like jelly because I like animation and it is so animated that it wobbles with childlike enthusiasm and creativity. I also like the jelly people.

How long you have been involved: I have been renting a studio space and joining in with the various activities since the start of last year, 2014.

How come you became involved: When I moved to Reading over 20 years ago, I discovered the Jelly Art Gallery and immediately identified with its vibe. But it took this long for me to realise I could get involved because I was busy animating.