Katie Maria Francis

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Katie Maria Francis

Katie Maria Francis

I am a Contemporary Fine Artist enjoying a rich passion for colour, texture, pattern and an ever-growing fascination with the sensory effects of varying light and opacity.

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Inspired by social issues, people, psychology, emotion and every-day events, I often create a starting theme and attempt to convey meaning through my Artwork. In my experience, creative expression is an essential release from the realities of life; shown in the positive, therapeutic impact it can have on health and wellbeing. I am very interested in the relationship between Arts and Health.

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The Yellow Suitcase Project’ links Arts and health, focusing on mental health and wellbeing. The main aims of the project are to share and make information accessible and fight stigma through the Arts.

I am honoured to be a founding member of the project and enjoyed being part of setting up the project with a sponsored climb of Snowdon in 2013, where the suitcase began its journey. The Yellow Suitcase, packed full of information on everything to do with mental health issues and support, is on a travelling journey in the hope of starting conversations to raise awareness and fight stigma, visiting anyone from businesses to schools and organisations, packed full of information on everything to do with mental health issues and support.

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Art and Design are passions of mine, and the therapeutic release which creative expression can achieve goes hand in hand with recovery; a subject close to my heart, having suffered clinical depression and anxiety for nearly fifteen years.


Nearing the end of a second year of studying a degree in Creative Arts and Design Practice my current project focuses on the effects of merging patterns and texture and how this can make visual art more sensory. I am looking at patterns within nature and architecture and have been exploring pointillism printmaking and sculpture.

For more information visit: Katie Maria Francis Fine Art Portfolio


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