A Conversation Space

A Conversation Space
A space to try out new ideas
Each week a new artist will be resident, making work, testing out and developing their ideas.
Every Saturday the doors will be open from 11am until 3pm for you to come in and find out more
Every Monday the space residents will change and A Conversation Space will become home to a new project.

To take part:

A Conversation Space for artists, makers, thinkers and creators to use the space for a one week period at a time. You would have access to the space from Monday 10am until the following Sunday midday.

As part of the agreement, you would need to be open to the public from 11am until 3pm on the Saturday but other than that you are free to open and shut as you wish.

We would love to see proposals that include just using the space to make your own work, to develop ideas, to engage with the public and the application process is a rolling programme.

Please send a proposal of no more than 500 words plus images to suzanne. Please note that the space is unfunded so we are asking all accepted artists to pay a contribution fee of £45 for the week to cover costs.

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