The first night of the fair

Last night was the first night which is always like a rollercoaster. We have run around and collected work, selected the first night hang, hung the work, stored the rest, labelled, cleaned, collated and then finally we glitter ourselves up and wait for the doors to open. The anticipation of exposing the work to the […]

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The Zavialovs

There is a book I read many years ago when I was an art student that was about artists and their relationships both as siblings, offsprings or lovers with other artists and the implications, both good and bad. I have been trying to think of the title and will shortly come back here to insert […]

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Charlotte Hardy

Charlotte was the very first artists to exhibit in the jelly when it opened in it’s 3rd home, the purpose built space at The Oracle. She had recently graduated (2 months earlier) from Manchester with a first class degree and she had sent a wonderful submission letter so the Director went to visit her, loved […]

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Visiting the Kesslings

Late last night we went to collect the works from Kate Kessling and Paul Kessling Sadly the wonderous picture of Ted was not to be taken but Kate is planning to make it in to a print in the future. We have collected some beautiful work though. We started to exhibit Paul’s work a while […]

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Tom Cartmill

a short statement about my work My work deals with visual perception, in particular the fact that we can receive conflicting information from a given visual stimulus. The preconceived assumptions of eye and brain are challenged, raising questions about the subconscious and how we interpret what we are looking at. Change through time and the […]

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