old friends, new friends

Today was the last day at the Art Fair, we had to say goodbye for another year to our fellow gallery friends, had last moments with our artist friends who we have not seen for a while and then spent the night from 6pm packing up. Back now and unpacked.

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Me, myself and I

Another day at the Fair and today the jelly team were en masse, Charlotte was continuing her mural, two of us were manning the stand and two more delivering an art activity for the younger visitors making handmade books as part of The Big Draw Campaign in a project entitled *me, myself and I*

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Re-hanging the show

Charlotte is moving on with her mural. We also rehung the show for the first day, including the work of Kate Lockhart (nee Hince), recently graduated from The Royal College of Art. The work of Jon Lockhart:

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The first night of the fair

Last night was the first night which is always like a rollercoaster. We have run around and collected work, selected the first night hang, hung the work, stored the rest, labelled, cleaned, collated and then finally we glitter ourselves up and wait for the doors to open. The anticipation of exposing the work to the […]

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The Zavialovs

There is a book I read many years ago when I was an art student that was about artists and their relationships both as siblings, offsprings or lovers with other artists and the implications, both good and bad. I have been trying to think of the title and will shortly come back here to insert […]

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