Pigeon Street, back at last…

jelly friend Peter Lang is an animation artist who makes animated paintings and runs animation workshops in and around Reading. From art college, Peter specialised in children’s broadcast TV where he created the much loved 80s TV show ‘Pigeon Street’. Now, after over 30 years since it first aired Peter has decided the time has come to bring Pigeon Street back via the magic of crowdfunding!

Peter tells us more…

“It will be Pigeon Street with a difference. OK, it will be the old colourful artwork. Yes. The old familiar characters. Yes. The minimal cut-out animation. Yes. The same audience… Well… Yes! But now that the audience is 30 or more years older the stories will concern themselves with new, more mature issues. Clara, the long distance lorry driver kills one of Bob’s Pigeons. William starts a bucket list and then apparently kicks it. Rose and Daisy revolutionize the local retirement home. Molly and Polly devise the perfect crime – stories we couldn’t tell the under fives.”

Follow the link below to the Pigeon Street crowdfunding campaign which explains Peter’s thinking behind the campaign;


If you’re a Pigeon Street fan and want (or need!) it back in your life then share the link with as many like-minded people as you possibly can. Like it, follow it, share it… And if you can, back it.

Thank you!

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