The relaunch of Pigeon Street

This week Pigeon Street, as part of its projected relaunch, will be featuring in The Conversation Space.

This is the space in Jackson’s Corner (just further along the road, past the main doors), dedicated to trying out new ideas. Every other week a new artist is resident, making work, testing out and developing their ideas.

Peter Lang, one of the jelly artists, animated the original series, all those years ago. He is going to fill the space with cut-out pigeons, screen old episodes, show how they were made, let you have a go at animating and discuss the new crowdfunding campaign which will launch in February, on

With your help, Peter wants to be able to tell more stories about the people in Pigeon Street, the ones that the audience was too young to understand when they watched the series as kids.

On this Saturday, 28 January, the doors will be open from 11am until 3pm for you to come in and find out more.  Peter will be popping up throughout the week and will be open by appointment.

The event is free, for a reminder book your tickets here:

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