Meet your Maker 2016 – Cathy Newell Price

WE OPEN TOMORROW! 11AM! It’s here, the shop is looking super stylish, the grotto awaits Santa and his elves, our first event Festive Knit Night is ready to go! But first there’s just time to tell you about another jeweller who will be bringing the sparkle to Jacksons this Christmas. We have a couple more makers to introduce you to so keep your eyes peeled! But first welcome to MakeRDG Cathy Newell Price…

Tell us a little bit about what you do.  
I make jewellery on a botanical and natural world theme.  The starting point is usually a walk in the country or by the coast, I’ll collect flowers and seed-heads and bring them back to draw and they grow their way into my jewellery designs.  Generally my jewellery is decorative and has a lot of pattern and texture, I work mostly in silver and add enamel and patina the surface of many pieces.

What is your favourite Reading landmark/place?
The University Campus, especially the trees, it’s on my doorstep

Do you remember the first time you visited Jacksons?
Yes, fascinated by the wooden counters and the thing that whizzed upstairs to get the change, moved to Reading in the late 1980s and was amazed such a place still existed….and it did so for a long time afterwards

cathy-newell-price-star-flower-earringsWould you describe yourself as traditional or modern?
A bit of both, but I have to have a REAL Christmas tree

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?
Hmmm, I always make a cake, but I have never made a pud, so it has to be cake, although I really prefer mince pies, especially ones made by my Aunt Gwyneth

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