Meet your Maker 2016 – Cath Baldwin

But there’s no rest for the wicked and today we welcome back printmaker Cath Baldwin. Her beautiful prints will bring a smile to any lucky recipient and I hear tell that this year she has colouring books as stocking fillers as well, fingers crossed they don’t sell out before we open! I wonder if she’s a cake or pud kind of gal…?
IMG_0475Tell us a little bit about what you do.
I consider myself an artist printmaker and work with traditional print approaches such as lino and silkscreen. My work is generally figurative and often tells a story or illustrates a point. I am fairly playful with the surfaces I work upon including collage and different weights and types of paper but recently have begun re-exploring working with fabric and repeat pattern.
Do you remember visiting Jacksons for the first time?
First memories of Jacksons….As a child being taken there for the purchase of school uniforms, I can’t remember buying anything else there though, it wasn’t really hip enough for my Mum who was more of a C&A’s girl! However in more recent year’s I would take my 90 year old Grannie there to buy clothes as it was the only place left in Reading that sold dresses synthetic and sufficiently floral enough to suit her tastes. I spent a good few hours sitting in the ladies department while my Gran slowly tried on various frocks and then had a good long chat to the equally aged shop assistant!!
IMG_0467What is your favourite Reading landmark/place?
I love the museum. When I was a little girl my Grandfather had a job there as a night watchman and often my Mother would take me there in the late afternoon to see him. To me, then, it seemed the most marvellously grand place to be in charge of and now I still enjoy the collections, space and excellent temporary exhibitions it hosts.
Would you describe yourself as traditional or modern?
Really depends upon what we are discussing…and would suggest I am a slightly confused mixture of the two generally but if it’s specifically about Christmas then undoubtedly traditional, it will definitely be brussel sprouts, scrabble and sherry in our house again this year.
IMG_0469Christmas cake or Christmas pudding? 
Home made or shop bought? Probably the cake but only if I can pick off the marzipan and have a glass of port with it.
Well, of course, Christmas is made for port!
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