Make RDG 2016 – Back for its third year!

1915692_1030364720319647_8549968852298740598_nWell hey, howdy ho ho ho and a jingle of the bells, apparently it’s beginning to look like, shhhhh, whisper it, Christmas! But given that it’s still only September, and we have Halloween and Bonfire Night and a whole heap of exciting cultural bits and bobs planned before that, we’ll keep this short and sweet.

Make RDG will be back for a third year, hooray! We will once again be based at the iconic Jacksons Department store, selling all kinds treats from the best designer makers the town has to offer and not one of them has rested on their laurels all year either. There will be new work and old favourites for you to choose your Christmas gifts from. Once again we will be offering a select amount of workshops all designed to get you on the festive spirit…and we may actually be serving some festive spirit again to help you along the way. Even the Scrooges among you will find something to get you all rosy cheeked and dancing like an excited plum pudding.

Finally…yes, we know you’re excited…our very own Make RDG Santa makes a VERY welcome return to his grotto with his cheeky elves and festive cheer. If you have been lucky enough to meet him in previous years you will be pleased to hear that he is just as jolly this year and if you have yet to have the pleasure, well then you are in for a treat, booking information coming soon. Massive thanks to Berzerk Productions and Spirited Events as ever for making the children’s, and our,  Christmas wishes come true.

So, Make RDG means  presents are sorted, activities sorted, Santa sorted, can you sort out our Christmas dinner please? Oh hang on, we’ve got food too! Our lovely friends Pop Up Reading will be joining us at the weekends bringing their Nomad Bakery goodness to provide all kinds of deliciousness…imagine how good it’s all going to smell as well as look this Christmas…we can’t wait!


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