Meet your maker 2015 – Peter Lang

Do you like this amazing animated gif? Well, it’s the work of jelly studio artist Peter Lang. Not only will he be selling one off works of art in the shop but he will also running a special Christmas animation workshop, helping you to create your own animated Christmas card at the Very Animated Christmas Greetings ecards workshop Thursday December 3rd from 7pm – 9.30pm.

This workshop will teach you how to make an animated Christmas card using your mobile device and send it to your friends and family Facebook, Instagram or email. Just the thing, seeing that by the time this workshop takes place, the latest recommended posting days will have passed.

MakeReading2015Agif big


Tell us a little bit about what you make/do.

I believe that you are never too young to get interested in art, so I make pictures of child friendly characters. They all have their stories, it’s up to you to figure them out. Many have Augmented Reality animations attached.

What is your favourite Reading landmark/place?

My favourite place in Reading is the river. I love being near or in water and the Thames makes that possible. I’m not too sure about the Loddon though.

Do you remember the first time you visited Jacksons?

Yes. It was when I was moving into my studio space at

Would you describe yourself as traditional or modern?

I embrace modern technology when it lets me. I love it when it helps me to achieve what I’m trying to achieve. But I loathe it when it thinks it knows better than me and tries to get me to achieve something I wasn’t in the least bit intending.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?
Christmas anything! Three cheers for Christmas!!!
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