Meet your maker 2015 – Marc Juon

Looking for something sparkly for the festive season? Marc might well be able to help you out, all that glitters is indeed gold…or precious and semi-precious materials apparently.

9_carat_stepped1-2-496x600 MJ

Tell us about what you make/do?

Marc-Juon-image-2Jewellery mainly , working with precious and semi-precious materials . I trained in a local jewellers many years ago which ultimately lead me to working by myself in my little workshop which is also a very good place to drink copious amounts of tea and ignore the outside world.


What is your favourite Reading landmark?

That’s easy, The Moderation. Five minutes from my house and if I’m not drinking tea I’ll have a pint of the Landlords special.
Do you remember the first time that you visited Jacksons?

It wasn’t that long ago I first visited Jacksons. Not being from Reading originally, school uniforms were bought from Overs in Camberley. But my daughters Brownie uniform was purchased from Jacksons. I’m sure Captain Peacock and Miss Brahms served us.
Are you traditional or modern?

Errr, Modern with a traditional bench jewellers background.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?

Don’t mind if I do, Christmas pudding with a big dollop of brandy butter please, oh and a small slice of cake for seconds. Thanks.

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