Meet your maker 2015 – Lesley Alessandro

More makers to meet! We hope that your Christmas lists are getting good and long with all the lovely work that will be on sale at make Reading this year. One more maker to add to the mix is Lesley Alessandro, she’s new to make Reading and, well, we’ll let her introduce herself…


Tell us a little bit about what you make?

LesleyI make linen dresses, skirts and tops mainly. I also make cotton skirts. With the linen remnants, discarded upholstery fabrics and vintage Liberty remnants I make smart phone protectors, tablet protectors, small drawstring bags with soap, button purses, padded hangers, bunting, wrist pin cushions, scrunchies and Christmas decorations. I’m always trying to think of different things to make.

What is your favourite Reading landmark?

I suppose it would be Forbury Gardens. I used to take my children there when they were young and picnic in the summer. I’ve recently revisited it and read the historical information spread around, it’s very interesting.

Do you remember the first time you visited Jacksons?

I can’t remember the first time, but I do remember visiting with friends as a lesley clothesteenager just because we found it very funny! The dated tills, the ‘old fashioned’ furniture, (I was too young to appreciate the beauty of it).  I had a look around on one of the pre-auction days with my daughter, she took her camera. She has some great photos of some of the areas never seen by customers, including graffiti in the stock room!

Would you describe yourself as traditional or modern?

I would say that I am a little of both. I like to be modern and practical, but I also appreciate traditional methods, durability and beauty of hand crafted items as opposed to the mass produced.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?

Both! And at the same time, on the same plate. I’m not fussy.


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