Midnight Beast, tonight 10pm

In an unusual post for jelly we are actually talking about something on TV tonight – there's a good reason though as one of the main characters is Ashley Horne, a Reading boy.

Ashley is a singer / actor and his band , the Midnight Beast, have their TV programme launching tonight on E4, (5th July) at 10.00pm

The show is written about them as a group of mates who form a band (thats where reality ends), and is essentially a mix of The Monkees (there is a loose theme running through the 6 episodes and 2 or 3 songs per episode), The Young Ones, and The Inbetweeners, and as well as being a little rude is funny too. Be warned as you can imagine with a mix of those influences the language may offend – who knows, we haven't seen any of it yet but Ashley is a local actor and started training with a drama school in Caversham when he was 7 and he really is a nice local lad making good.

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