A new gallery opening…

It's this week, a new shiny gallery – bigger than you can ever imagine and it's here in Reading. We've been working on this for months, in fact the idea comes way back from 1993 when we started jelly. The idea then was that the space would be open to all, you didn't have to "understand' art, there were no boundaries to who could come in, join in, listen, view. After 18 years we are pleased to announce our new project for 2012 "Reading is the Gallery" and it literally is, the gallery is Reading.  The development of this project has partly been funded by The Cultural Partnership and today we have been prepping the first spaces from one of our key sponsors for the project, The Oracle, Reading.

This new Reading Gallery won't always be a space you can enter, some of the time it may be a billboard, a visual screen, inside a cafe, or shop windows in fact that is the key idea behind the project is that the works aren't limited to "gallery style' viewing, you will see artworks pop up in unusual spaces and in different ways. Each exhibition will last for a month , working in partnership with other people and the programme for the next 6 months is tantalising and varied. So it is at that this Thursday, a Third Thursday, the very first two pieces will be installed in two locations.

Location 1 is part of The Oracle, on Minster Street between Citizens Advice Bureau and The Lemon Grove Gallery. The works will be from a project by Justin Partyka, commissioned by The Museum of Rural Life through funding by Arts Council England. More work by the artist will be exhibited in Market Place, at the ex-bookshop and on 23-25 March join us to make your own mark in a project entitled "Family Names and Favourite Places".  We will be creating a large interactive collaborative mural piece using the colour map coding details of terrain as basis to add as many family names as we can collect. It will be a chance to measure old and new names and visually connect to the importance of a family name.  The Favourite Places additions to the map will be about personal memories and be in the form of map pins and labels.

This is only the beginning of what is happening and to celebrate the launch and the fact that it is a Third Thursday, we will be running instead of traditionally "artists talks, directors talk" we will be running a programme of Directors Walks. If you would like your own Directors Walk or as a group, then contact us here.

Watch this space, we have so many more lovely things to tell you, we love Reading, our lovely sponsors and the Arts.

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