The first night of the fair

Last night was the first night which is always like a rollercoaster. We have run around and collected work, selected the first night hang, hung the work, stored the rest, labelled, cleaned, collated and then finally we glitter ourselves up and wait for the doors to open.

The anticipation of exposing the work to the viewers can leave a tummy turning butterfly moment and to overcome this we wander around looking at other works on other stands and feel inspired and feed our creative selves with more art and sometimes real cake. Charlotte Hardy  had a TV interview

Followed by Kirsten Jones who was looking fabulous in feathers

Last night was a night of old friends, making new friends, talking and laughing

2 thoughts on “The first night of the fair

  1. Lesley says:

    Came across this photo. Who is the artist of the two pieces on the right – looks like swimming costmes and underskirts. Would love to know and look at in more detail. Thanks

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